Temper Tantrum

The largest temper tantrum I ever had in public as a child was in 1988. My aunt was a big fan of Jesse Jackson, and my family hyped me up for Election Day in a big way. It was important to them that I was aware of the election. “We’re going to go vote, Maura! Are you excited to go vote?”

The problem was, that on Election Day 1988, I was only three years old. My family went to get their ballots and I didn’t get one. I went into full meltdown mode, crying and yelling that I wanted to vote and they wouldn’t let me. I was so upset!

Now I’m a grown woman, mother of three, and I try my best to keep my children engaged in the political process in a way that they can understand. This includes bringing them along with me to vote, and explaining to them why I voted the way I did in the car on the way home. After the great Election Day Meltdown of 1988, I now make sure to tell my kids “We’re going to go watch Mom and Dad vote” to avoid any more Election Day meltdowns.

I do always make sure they get stickers, though.

Maura Ferguson

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